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Innov & Export PME is a nonprofit organization promoting economic development of the Lower Saint-Lawrence region by supporting SMEs in the eight regional county municipalities (RCMs) in terms of development, innovation and commercialization as well as exportation.


Becoming  the standard of support  in everything related to development, innovation, marketing and exportation in the Lower Saint-Lawrence region by offering services adapted to the growing needs of SMEs.



Commitment : Being available and flexible for the customers’ needs in carrying out their projects and significantly  contributing  to the success of their business.

Respect : Working  politely and with courtesy regarding  personal  differences, means or agreements between colleagues, customers and partners while respecting the deadlines and applicable laws and regulations.

Team spirit : Relying on the versatility of the work team to support entrepreneurs through their progress and work closely with partners and other participants.

Creativity : Supporting customers in achieving their goals through the implementation of innovative solutions  respecting constraints.


The SME  Technology Development  Support Corporation (SME-TDSC) was founded in 1996 by  business people from eastern Quebec and the North Shore. For almost 10 years, it supported more than 300 projects in innovation while promoting and maintaining a specialized workforce in the region  thus allowing several companies to develop and remain competitive and being on the leading edge of innovation.

In April 2013, always aiming in helping to expand Lower Saint-Lawrence’s enterprises, the SME- TDSC was entrusted with a new mandate complementary to the innovation-production services, a marketing-export component.

Thus evolving  into a regional export promotion organization (ORPEX), the organization acquired a new entity and became Innov & Export PME.

Why choose us ?

Our technical support, human resources and professional expertise services will  allow you to undertake projects while benefiting from a unique collaboration adapted to your needs.

Our experts in the various services are available, creative and passionate. They will offer innovative solutions suitable to your needs and in the respect of your constraints.

Our goal is to work with you to increase competitiveness, profitability and business practices while minimizing risks associated with changing and developing new markets.