The Corporation de Soutien au Développement Technologique des PME (CSDT-PME) was founded in 1996 by the business community of eastern Quebec and the North Shore.

The Corporation continued to grow steadily by promoting and retaining skilled labour in region. Several businesses saw their requirements met, allowing them to develop, remain competitive and at the forefront of innovation practices. Thanks to the collaboration of CSDT-PME and its partners, more than 300 projects were initiated in numbers of SMEs of the region for neayly 10 years.

CSDT-PME was innovative by creating a Technical Innovation and Development plan for SMEs. This innovative program met perfectly the needs the eastern Quebec and the North Shore business leaders have expressed with the aim of allowing the SMEs to undertake and/or to keep pursuing industrial projects implementation and technological developments within the region.

In April 2013, CSDT-PME was granted a new mandate by financial partners, with the aim of making the Lower St. Lawrence companies grow. In addition to Innovation-Production, the whole idea is to offer a Marketing-Export component, thereby evolving into a regional export promotion organization (ORPEX). Along with its new role, the organization created a new entity and became Innov & Export PME.

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