innovation – production

“Innovation—Production,” component is directed toward executives wishing to implement a strategy of continuous improvement in their business. This service is free of charge and designed to expand and improve your production processes and development of new products.

Innov & Export PME team offers you help and advice to analyze the needs and maximize the performance and competitiveness of your business. The team is there to accompany you in your various innovative projects and in the search of a financial plan to support your needs.


Improving or developing your production processes
  • Technical assistance in identifying processes with the potential of increasing productivity through mechanization and automation
  • Designing, manufacturing, and/or improving equipment to increase factory productivity
  • Improving and developing industrial prototypes
  • Implementing new technology
Improving or developing new products
  • Advice in improving and developing products
  • Support with commercialization
  • Optimizing prototypes and manufacturing costs
  • Analyzing applicable regulations and standards
Improving your productivity
  • Improving and optimizing workplace and working methods as well as the production line workflow
  • Factory design
  • Support in productivity improvement, value-added production, investing in advanced technology and R&D
Improving project management
  • Help with the innovation process
  • Support in innovative project management and improvement in companies
  • Advice in new product commercialization
  • Accompanying businesses in claiming SR & ED tax credits
Expanding your contact network
  • Support in identifying specialists to accompany SMEs in their innovative projects (e.g., research institutions, transfer cetres, private consultant, specialized networks).
  • Contact network and updated expertise of the industrial and regional sector and different ministries
  • Support in finding available funding sources to help businesses with their projects
  • Scheduling activities concerning technology innovation (e.g., conferences, training activities, factory visits)


Innov & Export PME offers the possibility for businesses to obtain financial assistance generally as much as 50% of the total value of projects and up to a maximum of $10 000. Eligible costs are consultant fees for an innovation project.