The “Marketing” component has been designed for the entrepreneurs wishing to organize their marketing approach and market entry strategies, to improve or create marketing tools and to expand their market to regional and provincial levels.

Different customized interventions

Marketing approach development
  • Short, medium, and long-term action plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Marketing strategies
Marketing project management and promotional tools
  • Image branding development (e.g., signatures, logos)
  • Analysis and recommendations on existing marketing tools and creation of new ones (e.g., websites, pamphlets, brochures, booths, promotional posters
  • Communication plans
Market analysis
  • Market survey, market research, commercial feasibility study, and competitor analysis
  • Finding new customers and business partners
Agri-food products marketing services
  • The “Agriconseil” component offers specialized support in commercialization and in Agro-food industry marketing recognized by the “Agriconseils” network
  • Financial support of up to 75% of professional fees for eligible Agri-food businesses of the Lower-Saint-Lawrence region
Coaching and training activities
  • Awareness activities (e.g., conferences, workshops, seminars)
  • Preparation and coaching for marketing activities (e.g., trade shows, fairs)