Export – Logistics
«Export – Logistics» component aims at strengthening the performance of businesses by supporting them in improving their ability to identify market opportunities, find new customers, manage business relationships, enter the national and international markets, and integrate global value chains.

Different customized interventions

Export consulting service (less than 3 hours, no charge)

International business plans
  • Pre-diagnosis and export diagnosis (free)
  • Help in developing your export business plan
  • Adapting business models to international markets
  • Budget planning of your international projects
Market study and selection
  • Conducting market study or gathering international strategic information
  • Marketing analysis and targeting the best product-market match
  • Finding potential buyers or foreign business partners
Shipping and logistics
  • Research coaching or implementation of adapted shipping solutions
  • Support in choosing and negotiating with carriers or distributors
  • Planning storage, handling, and delivery
Coaching technical export procedures
  • Customs compliance, shipping logistics, etc.
  • Verifying regulations, laws, permits, and requirements of the aimed market
International network
  • Finding prospects or international distributors
  • Organizing, coaching, and following-up on a business mission individually or as a group
  • Welcoming a delegation of foreign buyers
  • Helping with agreement negotiations with a foreign partner
Training activities and coaching
  • Awareness-raising activities (e.g., conferences, workshops, seminars)
  • Organizing a coaching activity
  • Newsletter
Financial assistance
  • Budget planning of your international projects
  • Identifying public and private funding sources
  • Assistance for grant applications and public funding